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We have you covered, no matter what type of pool or spa


Residential and Commercial Service

Our service technicians provide swimming pool cleaning and maintenance for home pools, apartment swimming pools, community swimming pools and commercial pools.

Certified Pool/Spa Operators

All of our service technicians are CPO certified by the State of Florida.

Fully Insured to Protect You

Gilman carries all forms of insurance including workers comp on all our employees.


Full Time Repair Department

  • Filter elements            

  • Pool pumps & motors            

  • Heat pumps

  • D.E. filter grids replacement 

  • Pool timers                             

  • Plumbing & pipe work

  • Sand replacement in sand filters

  • Pool lights and fixtures

  • Automatic pool cleaner repairs

  • Leak Detection & Repair


Top of the line equipment

Trust us to provide the right system for you and your pool. We work with top of the line equipment brands so you can rest assured you will enjoy your trouble-free pool or spa for years to come.

Salt Generators

Enjoy the benefits of softer water with less irritation to your skin and eyes. Salt generators are the latest wave in the pool industry. Let us help you pick the right one for your pool.

Wide variety of equipment & systems

  • Pumps

  • Filters

  • Cleaners

  • Heaters

  • Controls

  • Lighting

  • Motors

  • Automatic Cleaners

  • ... and much more!

We Provide Free Service Estimates!

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